Hey guys, I'm currently on a break.

As many of you may be aware, my life took a change when I accidently landed a role working in a private psychology practice back in 2018. My passion for psychology was reignited, something I was very close to pursuing in my early 20’s but instead put on hold and went on a slightly different path..
mainly because I wasn’t ready, I still had a bit more life to live and challenges to experience.

Years later, now 30 I find myself ready as ever doing something I thought would never happen again … studying full time! I tell you, the last few years has opened my eyes, my mind, my heart and changed how I view certain things.  I was convinced I would be able to juggle it all until I began to get C averages in my reports although I’d been writing for years! (Damn APA style formatting!) It’s one of the most demanding and intense periods in my life,
something I need to really put my energy into and prioritise if I am going to make it to the end of this chapter.

However, writing is still very much a passion of mine too and have created a space over on instagram, @tessphilip.blog for where we can stay connected and where I’ll be sharing and writing whenever the inspiration strikes!

Hope we can stay in touch, come say hi over on IG @tessphilip.blog

Much love, Tess